How to Conduct a Dirty Santa Party

As the time for Christmas and thanksgiving gets closer, the holiday is celebrated with presents being handed out in the midst of festivities for the Christmas celebration.

For those who are from the South, there’s an annual event that gives out gifts referred to as Dirty Santa. In other places, it is called a White Elephant party. Whatever you name your party, it’s held to the same guidelines and executed in the same way. There is only one difference in the name because Dirty Santa seems more appropriate for November and December rather than July and August. It is particularly loved by large families or friends who get together to celebrate at this time of year.

Here’s how you can complete the task for a buzzing Dirty Santa party

Dirty Santa Party Rules

Invite guests to contribute or at the very least, something that you and your partner will love. The gift should be given in a way that doesn’t demand the person being identified. The major part of the thrill is not being able to identify the person who gave the gift.

When guests arrive, arrange the gifts in a neat line and let the guests pick the present they want to present in the shape of a hat or container. You can also include an additional gift to ensure that everyone remembers.

After everyone has arrived, playing, and is ready to go, the player who has the highest score when they arrive to play will become the first one to play. They choose one item from the bag of gifts and then open the gift.

The fun begins when the next participant chooses their present from the selection. After they’ve opened their present, Dirty Santa can be declared. Anyone who has opened an item can take the present that’s not opened and substitute the present with one they could give. Once the game is over, everyone can turn into a dirty Santa and take away the gift presented to the player. They can then give their guests the gift they wish to present.

Once you’ve admitted that you’re dirty Santa and done it, you’re not allowed to repeat the same mistake again. Someone else could declare themselves to be the most filthy Santa you’ve ever seen and get what you’ve always wanted. Everyone can declare that they’re dirty Santa when the present has been chosen and everyone has said that they’re dirty Santa and the contest has ended.

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